About Us

Who we are

Founded by the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood Sisters in 1969, Assisi Hospice provides palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses, caring for them and their families regardless of faith, age, race and financial position. Our multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, medical social workers, counsellors, pastoral care workers, pharmacists and therapists work together to care for more than 1,000 patients every year.

We are the only hospice in Singapore that provides the whole continuum of inpatient, day care and home care services. By end-2016, we will move into a new purpose-built hospice building that allows us to serve more than two times the current number of patients.


To be the Leader and Centre of Excellence for Compassionate and Personalised Palliative Care.


The Assisi Hospice is a Catholic Charity providing compassionate, personalised and quality Palliative Care to adults and children with life limiting illnesses through our Inpatient, Home and Day Care services.

Our History

Assisi Hospice’s story began in Mount Alvernia Hospital, as a new wing the FMDM sisters built for chronically-ill patients. Opened in 1969, it was named Khoo Block, in memory for donor Khoo Teck Puat’s father. In 1982, we began to offer respite care and was renamed Assisi Home – after the birthplace of St Francis of Assisi. Two years later, we expanded into hospice care for cancer patients. In 1992, the FMDM sisters established hospice care as a dedicated mission and Assisi Home & Hospice was set up to this end.

As the community’s need for hospice care continued to grow, we moved into our current building and was officially opened in April 1993 by then-President of Singapore, the late Mr Wee Kim Wee. Later that year, we discontinued the admission of long-term care patients, to focus on hospice care for terminally-ill cancer patients. In 2007, we were renamed Assisi Hospice, signifying our commitment to the mission to serve all who are suffering and in need of palliative care, regardless of their condition.

Service Values


We accept our positions as servants to those who are in need of our care by providing a healing experience, in an environment that is comfortable, welcoming and assuring.

Reverence for Life

We cherish life and respond to all beings with respect and compassion, by enhancing and preserving the dignity of all beings throughout life, and at its natural cessation in death.


We rejoice in life and all the experiences that each day brings by sharing joyfulness with our patients, their families, and anyone in touch with the Hospice.


We employ our skills, opportunities and talents humbly in the service of our fellow beings by improving ourselves as individuals and as a team to serve others better.


We manage the resources and relationships that are entrusted upon us wisely, fairly and responsibly by allocating our resources to serve those most in need.