Patients’ Stories

  • a-christmas-unlike-others

    A Christmas Unlike Others

    The family’s ability to cope with minimal financial resources was dealt a blow when Mdm Wong was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in June 2017. She could no longer look after herself or the children. Mr Tan had to assume the role, and the physical demands took a toll on

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  • a-home-care-patients-journey

    A Home Care Patient’s Journey

    Mr Temian Bin Sakiran, aged 71 years, had been living with rheumatic heart disease since he was 12 years old when a bout of rheumatic fever hit him. He has been on long term medication throughout his adult life, got married and raised three children on a low income as

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  • an-untold-story-in-holland-village

    An Untold Story in Holland Village

    Holland Village is a trendy hangout filled with restaurants and watering holes. In the midst of this hip enclave, Mr Quek Yee Boey resides in a 12-storey block of rented HDB flats. Mr Quek, aged 73 years, came from a poor family. Living in a kampong in the early days,

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  • always-yours

    Always Yours

    “Can you help me with this idea of a scrapbook?” Mr Yee Swee Fan asked of the social workers. The social workers agreed and went about helping him make the scrapbook. With a big smile, he penned “I love Yuan” on the cover of the completed scrapbook, a token of

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  • a-safety-net-in-assisi-hospice

    A Safety Net in Assisi Hospice

    A single man in his 70s, Mr Leo Ah Koon used to work at a shipyard, before taking on jobs at hawker centres and coffee shops. Home was a sparsely-furnished rental flat which he shared with a younger brother until the latter moved away, leaving Mr Leo mostly on his

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  • never-alone-at-the-end

    Never Alone At The End

    Life had not been easy for Mr Loong. With only a few years of primary education, he started working at the age of 14, taking on various odd jobs including peddling ice-cream on the street and construction work. The work was hard but he was glad to have a stable

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  • caring-beyond-the-patient

    Caring Beyond The Patient

    Like all mothers, Madam Tan wanted the best for her family. She was contented living in a 4-room HDB flat with her husband and two sons. However, their lives all took a turn when she was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, or nose cancer, in 2008. Despite radiotherapy, Madam Tan started

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  • a-husbands-dedication

    A Husband’s Dedication

    When Surjeet was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, Mr Singh knew he had to take on the caregiving role for his wife. In his 60s then, he learnt how to cook and clean as well as take care of her every physical need. He hardly left her side, except to

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  • a-mothers-love-is-the-greatest

    A Mother’s Love Is The Greatest

    Mdm Sng never had it easy. After her children grew up and left the family home, she moved into a one-room rental flat in Ang Mo Kio with her husband and intellectually-disabled son. To support the family, Mdm Sng’s husband had to take on various jobs such as a kitchen

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  • i-feel-accepted-at-assisi

    I Feel Accepted At Assisi

    To Raj, or Ivan as he was known later, life was never easy. Despite the challenges he faced in school and at home, Raj never gave up – he was almost 30 years old when he returned to school to pursue his diploma and subsequently, his degree. Just when he

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