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As a charity, we depend heavily on public donations to meet our operating expenses. The generous support of our donors and sponsors means all patients can receive they care they need, regardless of their financial position.

Thank you for your support

A Safety Net in Assisi Hospice

A single man in his 70s, Mr Leo Ah Koon used to work at a shipyard, before taking on jobs at hawker centres and coffee shops. Home was a sparsely-furnished rental flat which he shared with a younger brother until the latter moved away

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How you can support us

Organise a fundraiser with your organisation

If you belong to a corporation or organisation, why not put together an annual fundraising event to support Assisi Hospice? You can even rope in your staff, vendors and customers! Examples:

  • Marketing promotions
  • Dance marathons
  • Sports challenges
Make a donation

We depend on donors’ generosity to raise funds needed to provide palliative care for the patients. You can either:

  • Make a cash donation at our office
  • Send us a cheque

Donate Online

Organise a fun event for your friends and raise funds at the same time

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller. Gather your friends, colleagues or family members and organise a project to raise funds for Assisi Hospice. Examples:

  • Charity Luncheon
  • Book/Bake Sale
  • Charity Car Wash

Mobilise your online social network to support your efforts through peer-2-peer fundraising sites, such

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I donate?
    • Via online portal –
    • via AXS Stations with your cashcard or NETS
    • via cheque, made payable to “ASSISI HOSPICE” and post to: 832 Thomson Road, Singapore 574627 (Attn: Ms Juliet Ng).

      Please write your Name, Address, Contact details, and Tax Reference numbers the reverse side of your cheque.

  2. Is my donation tax-exempt?All outright cash donations will receive from IRAS 2.5 times the value in tax-deduction. Please provide your tax reference numbers [i.e. NRIC or Foreign Identification Number (FIN), or your company’s Unique Entity Number (UEN)] in order to have your tax deduction automatically included in your tax assessment.

    Donors who wish to remain anonymous and do not wish to claim tax deductions, are not required to provide their tax reference numbers.

  3. Who can I talk to regarding fundraising activities?You may enquire about fund-raising efforts via Ms Juliet Ng (Head, Community Engagement) at 6832 2850 or