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An extra-ordinary group of ladies known as the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM) Sisters started Assisi Hospice in 1969, moved by the need of the poor and the dying at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Assisi Hospice grew from our initial days at Khoo Block at the hospital and move to our present site in 1993. At our current address, Assisi has served thousands of patients and many lives have been touched.

Our work is only possible because of the dedication and unconditional contributions by many. Before Assisi moves to our new home end of 2016, here are stories of some inspiring individuals who have touched us.


Sister Pauline Sewell

Sister Pauline Sewell at 81 years old is still working, serving the community tirelessly. She started as a nurse in the operating theatre in Mount Alvernia Hospital in 1969 and here after went where the need was. She was also Matron of Assisi Hospice in the late 1990s and introduced care for children by the Hospice. Read more about her and her life of serving.

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Marilyn David

When a young child experienced loss and unconditional love by a loving group of staff at Assisi Hospice, the result is a selfless adult who will contribute unceasingly. Marilyn David is such a person, who went through a lot, but with her mother’s love and teachings and loving memory of her late older brother, she gives back. Read more about how she choose to give back.

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Ronny Tan

A young friend’s death introduced Assisi Hospice to Ronny. From then on, he journeys with Assisi Hospice as a fundraiser and also as chairman of the board. His commitment stayed firm while he grew his professional stature in Singapore’s financial market. His involvement has been instrumental towards a new and bigger home that will provide a modern and home-like space for our patients. Read more about his selfless contributions.

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Dr Patricia Neo

A medical practitioner with boundless compassion for palliative care, Dr Patricia Neo has been focused on establishing her goals in this field. As Clinical Director of Assisi Hospice, she is turning her compassion towards building a sustainable ecosystem that will render the love, compassion to patients efficiently. Read more about her work for growing Assisi Hospice’s medical capabilities.

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