Assisi Hospice

International Day @ Assisi

Our patients and caregivers travelled around the world at International Day 2024 @ Assisi, which was held on 18 Apr 2024 at Assisi Hospice Courtyard! They enjoyed exotic food bites, traditional games and activities, and authentic local performances from nine countries – Argentina, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Indonesia, Lithuania, Panama, Spain, and Turkiye. Friends from Spouses of Head of Mission Group, led by spouses of the respective ambassadors from the nine countries, shared the fun, beauty and delicacies of their culture with our patients and caregivers.

For our Day Care patient 83 year-old Uncle Lee Siew Tong, who had not been travelling for the past 20 years due to his illness, the event brought back fond memories from the past. He reminisced, “I went to Spain with my wife in the 1960s. Tasting the traditional food from the Spain booth reminded me of those times. I like Spain because the people there are passionate and romantic.”

A big thank you to the nine lovely ladies and their teams for bringing joy and excitement to our patients and their caregivers, many who have not had the chance to travel for a long time due to the impact of serious illnesses.

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