Assisi Hospice

Patient Stories

A Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation Li Shan* had been lingering outside a room in Assisi Hospice’s inpatient ward. Numerous times, she would walk right up to the door, but stop in hesitation. Many thoughts flashed through her mind – Should she go in? Would he even recognise her? They had not met for over 20 years.
Bring Care and Joy to Auntie Amy this Christmas 90 year-old Amy Tan is our feisty patient who strives to be as independent as possible despite her age and physical illness. Born in Indonesia, she came over to Singapore to study in her teens after World War 2.
Support Needy Families This Chinese New Year For 35-year-old Melanie Choy who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and her family, caregiving was challenging and reunions were not to be taken for granted.
Help us care for Mr and Mrs Balan this Christmas 30 years ago, 64 year-old Geyabalan S/O K Ramiah (fondly known as Mr Balan) and 70 year-old Mrs Balan met through matchmaking and got married.
We honoured Mr Ng’s wish to spend his remaining days at home Mr Ng came under the care of Assisi Hospice Home Care team in January 2021. Our nurse, doctor and medical social worker visited him regularly and provided urgent help to him.
We Brought Care to Twice-Disabled Uncle Choy At Assisi Hospice, he not only received care, but also found acceptance and companionship.
Farewell of a 36 year-old patient “I told my parents if I had the chance, if reincarnation was a thing, I would want to be their son again,” said 36-year-old Dexter Chua.
Support Mdm Lim and her daughter in their time of need Our nurses and doctors visit her regularly, helping to manage her symptoms. Venus is especially thankful for our 24/7 helpline.
Supporting Danny and Mdm Lim Nothing pains a mother more than seeing her own child unwell. 71-year-old Mdm Lim Heo, cared for her son Danny Tan for 33 years.
Bring Festive Cheer to patients like Mdm Koh this Chinese New Year For some of our patients like 73-year-old Mdm Koh Siew Yong, their deteriorating health has denied them their simple Chinese New Year wishes.
Give Our Cleaning Auntie a Clean Home Mdm Chow came under the care of Assisi Hospice Home Care team on 14 July 2021. Our Home Care nurse visits her weekly to check on her health condition and help to replace her urostomy bag to prevent leakage.
Be the pillar of support to Mdm Ng and her elderly siblings For the elderly who are sick and have little social support, bringing medical care and comfort to them at home is especially important during this Covid-19 pandemic.
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