Assisi Hospice

Essery Hall, Level 6, Assisi Hospice

Lecture: Spiritual Care in Assisi

Presented by: Joyce Cheah, Clinical Pastoral Care Manager, Assisi Hospice

In this session, we will present the generalist-specialist model of spiritual care used in Assisi Hospice. We will share our experiences working in an inter-disciplinary team, the skills and competencies required in spiritual care, and some of the challenges faced as spiritual care providers. This session is suitable for all healthcare professionals.

Tea + Facilitated Networking Session

As provision of spiritual care is dependent on the setting of each institution, we hope to facilitate sharing of practitioners’ experiences in different contexts.

Lecture + Experiential Workshop:Wounded Healer

Facilitated by:

Margaret Chye, Clinical Pastoral Care Counsellor, Assisi Hospice

Cheryl Lek, Clinical Pastoral Care Counsellor, Assisi Hospice

How does one make use of the self, harness one’s personal brokenness, cultivate empathy and insight for the other, and thus deepens one’s understanding and compassion? How should we as wounded healers effectively use our wounds to heal in a lifegiving way? How can we remain grounded, convert our compassion fatigue into compassion satisfaction, and create rhythms of rest and renewal?

From the Jungian perspective, there is great value in not leaving our wounds completely in the past, but choosing to remain vulnerable in the present therapeutic encounter. In this session, we will delve into this rich concept of the wounded healer and draw lessons on how to make our healing practice a more sustainable one.

Registration closes 14 Jun 2024.

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