Assisi Hospice

Referral & Admission/Enrolment

Admission to Assisi Hospice’s Inpatient Palliative, or enrolment into Palliative Home Care and Palliative Day Care services is done via a doctor’s referral. The patient’s doctor will need to complete a referral form and provide the necessary medical report.

4 Steps to Accessing Palliative Care

Assisi Hospice provides care for patients across the continuum of Inpatient, Home Care and Day Care. This allows patients and family members to journey with a clinical team they are familiar with and to receive care in the way that they need.

The patient’s doctor (who can be from a hospital, home care service, or a General Practitioner) will need to complete a referral form at AIC portal OR fill up the e- referral form available here

Upon receipt of the referral, our doctor assesses the patient’s suitability for Assisi services. Once accepted, our team will contact the referring hospital/doctor on the admission/enrolment arrangements (e.g. date of admission to Assisi, date of first assessment/visit).

For Inpatient Palliative Service:

The ambulance transfer will be arranged by the referring hospital team or home care team/family (if patient is at home). A family member will need to accompany the patient during the transfer and facilitate the admission process.

For Palliative Home Care Service:

The Home Care team would arrange for a first visit at the patient’s home with the patient/family member.

For Palliative Day Care Service:

The Day Care team would arrange for the patient and family member to visit the Day Care Centre for an initial assessment. The assessment may take about 2-2.5 hours as the patient would be reviewed by members of the interdisciplinary care team during the first visit.

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