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Support Mdm Lim and her daughter in their time of need

61 year-old Mdm Theresa Lim, was sold to adoptive parents when she was 8 years old. She did not have the chance to go to school and instead, received frequent canings. Having had an unhappy childhood, she chose to raise her only daughter single-handedly after she found out that her partner had been unfaithful. She worked as a night-shift waitress so as to take care of her daughter Venus in the day. When Venus was older, she worked 12-hour shifts in a bakery. Eventually, she managed to support Venus through her polytechnic education.

Just when Mdm Lim thought she could have more time with Venus, she was diagnosed with nose cancer in 2020. Despite radiography and chemotherapy, the cancer relapsed in 2021. She had difficulties swallowing solid food and lost her appetite. She experienced impaired hearing and vision, facial pain and swelling. She was also prone to falls. Venus had to stop work to care for Mdm Lim.

Mdm Lim came under the care of Assisi Hospice’s Home Care Service in December 2021. Our nurses and doctors visit her regularly, helping to manage her symptoms. Venus is especially thankful for our 24/7 helpline. She said, “Mum had a fall recently in the early hours of the morning and had a cut on her forehead. The Care team provided clear directions over the phone, I was able to care for her wound and did not have to rush to the A&E. There were also times when I could adjust her medication with directions to ease her discomfort.”

As Mdm Lim is mainly on a liquid diet and is on diapers to reduce risk of falls at night, our social worker provided practical help by linking them to financial aid for subsidised purchase of these medical consumables.

During these challenging times, support our work to ensure that patients like Mdm Lim and caregivers like Venus receive help in their time of need.

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