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Always Yours

“Can you help me with this idea of a scrapbook?” Mr Yee Swee Fan asked of the social workers. The social workers agreed and went about helping him make the scrapbook. With a big smile, he penned “I love Yuan” on the cover of the completed scrapbook, a token of love meant for his wife.

Uncle Yee in his 80s, was a master in the art of crafting Peranakan beaded shoes. He started as an apprentice at a young age of 13 and devoted all his life to this trade. Likewise, he was devoted to his soulmate and wife, Madam Chee, who is also his constant worry as she is a stroke patient.

The couple lived by themselves in a three-room flat and Uncle Yee was the sole caregiver, caring for his wife until he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and admitted to Assisi Hospice in 2015.

He was worried how his wife will be taken care of when he is no longer around. Our social workers understood this need of his, hence taking it upon themselves to ensure Madam Chee was placed with the appropriate social services, with the right care. This reassurance helped soothe Uncle Yee’s worries so that he can rest better. His last wish was to leave a token of love, a scrapbook of memories, for his beloved wife.

The Assisi Hospice team is privileged to have journeyed with Mr Yee and witnessed their love story, and caring for those who remain.

Mr Yee Swee Fan has passed away peacefully on 19 March 2015. Madam Chee is now cared for in an appropriate care facility.

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