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Assisi Dinner 2021 – Five for Greater Good

Amidst evolving dine-in restrictions due to Covid-19 measures, we are thankful to have held our Assisi Dinner in a new format – an intimate affair of tables of 5 in restaurants across the island from August to December last year.  More than 150 guests came together on separate occasions for a greater good and enjoyed cosy meals with their loved ones and friends over more than 10 curated smorgasbord of private Chef tables, award-winning and most talked about restaurants. All proceeds from the dinner went towards providing care and comfort for our patients and their loved ones.

Our guests were delighted with the meaningful table gifts made by patients,  and inspired by the stories behind the gifts. We share one of the stories with you.

Private dining at Singapore’s internationally acclaimed chef, Elsa Van Der Nest’s home.
One of the dinners included a walking tour of the Georgette Chen Exhibition ‘At Home in the World’ at the National Gallery Singapore, together with Georgette’s grandniece, Hilda Loh.

Handmade bead mask chain

This unique bead mask chain is designed and lovingly handmade by 81 year-old Mrs Perera, who is a patient of Assisi Hospice Day Care. Her husband, 86 year-old Mr Perera, became a Home Care patient of Assisi in Nov 2019. They both started attending Day Care in Apr 2021. Mr Perera had interstitial lung disease since 2018 while Mrs Perera was diagnosed with heart failure later. From a caregiver, she also became a patient. The couple has been married for 50 years. A loving wife, she helps her husband with bathing, toileting and changing, and pushes him on the wheelchair when they need to travel for longer distances despite her own illness.

Each mask chain that Mrs Perera made had a unique design.

At the Day Care Centre, Mrs Perera regained her passion in beading, a long-forgotten hobby that she used to love in her 30s, during her occupational therapy sessions. She said, “When I am focused on beading, I forget about my worries.” She also finds a great sense of satisfaction in being a mentor to other patients in beading.

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