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Corporate volunteer groups are back

With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, staff of our corporate partners are back to bring cheer and joy to our patients through accompanying them for outings. In September 2022, over 25 volunteers from Lion Global Investors accompanied our Day Care patients on a trip to Gardens by the Bay. A heart-warming moment was captured on camera when Mr Toh Boon Kwang, Senior Manager in Lion Global Investors, went the extra mile and sheltered our patient from the hot sun with his own umbrella. He shared his experience of volunteering for the first time.

Mr Toh Boon Kwang going the extra mile to shelter our patient and staff.

What prompted you to bring your own umbrella for the patients?

As it was a little cloudy that morning, I decided to bring my  umbrella to the event. It turned out to be a sunny day and I noticed that the patient seemed a little bothered with the sun. Without hesitation, I took out my umbrella to provide some needed shade for her.

What is the most memorable moment you experienced during the outing?

While I enjoyed the entire outing, I was most happy when the patient I was assigned to accompany and interact, won a prize in the photography contest.

What are some of your takeaways from this experience?

I feel that my sense of empathy grows with each life experience and that is why I enjoy having conversations with more senior folks around me. I am grateful that I can communicate with the patients in Hokkien during the outing. I hope that Singaporeans do not forget their dialects.

“At Lion Global Investors, we believe in giving back to the community and we are committed to helping the less fortunate. We are aware that there is a growing importance of palliative care in Singapore as the population ages, and we would like to provide our support to Assisi Hospice for their dedication in providing high quality palliative care.”

Lion Global Investors

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