Assisi Hospice

Creative Upcycled Creations helped raised funds for the Assisi Fun Day 2022 E-Edition

Ten “Upcycled Creations” designed and handmade by Assisi supporters, including our volunteers, staff and members of public, were on sale at Assisi Fun Day 2022 – E-Edition at from 6 Oct to 16 Oct 2022. In line with the eco-friendly theme of Assisi Fun Day 2022, the creative and attractive products include funky earrings made from used coffee capsules, woven baskets made from newspapers, hand-painted plastic jars made by 2 year-old toddlers, and zipped pouches made from the clothes of our therapy dog Onyx! Our volunteer Ms Tan Cheng Kim obtained the highest sales value from the products she made and emerged the winner of the Make & Sell for Good contest. All proceeds from the sale of these products went towards providing care and comfort for Assisi Hospice’s patients and their loved ones.

These earrings were made from used coffee capsules, and the baskets were made from newspapers. Both were created by Ms Tan Cheng Kim.

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