Assisi Hospice

Service with love during Lent at Assisi

As the Catholics in Singapore celebrate Catholic200SG this year, we invited them to live out the meaning of Lent at Assisi and join us to carry on our Mission of serving those in need by journeying with our patients and their loved ones. During the period of Lent in March and April, over 100 of them took part through offering their helping hand by volunteering, offering their wallet through donations, and offering their voice by increasing awareness of palliative care through their social media platforms. About 40 of them signed up as volunteers at our “Kopi Delight” sessions; taking kopi/tea orders, making beverages and serving patients with love, or delivering Chinese New Year goodie bags to our patients and their families at their homes.

Anne Goswami was one of the volunteers. She could not forget the care that her grandfather received at Assisi Hospice 30 years ago, and seized the chance to revisit Assisi as a volunteer for the “Kopi Delight” session. She said, “I am happy to do my small part to help. Seeing their loved ones around them was so heart-warming. It brought back many memories of my grandpa.”

The experience was memorable for some first-time volunteers. “It really opens up my heart that serving others, be it in small or big ways, can bring so much joy to the recipient,” said Helene Wong, parishioner of Church of St Mary of the Angels.

We would like to say a big thank you to all who offered your helping hand, wallet and voice to care for the more vulnerable among us this Lent at Assisi!

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