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Singapore’s Diplomatic Corps Launches International Day 2023 Celebrations @ Assisi Hospice

published by INDiplomacy on March 31, 2023

The wives of ambassadors from Singapore’s diplomatic corps stepped out in force to create a fun-filled event for patients, their caregivers, and hospice staff of Assisi Hospice, to celebrate International Day 2023

On March 28, 2023, the Assisi Hospice at Thomson Road witnessed a joyful International Day with national costumes, games, food, and cultural performances for patients, their caregivers, and hospice staff. The event was organized by several wives of ambassadors from Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Mongolia, South Korea, and Türkiye.

“We are incredibly grateful for the efforts made by this group of women (the ambassadors’ wives) to cheer up the patients at Assisi Hospice. I am happy to see the patients’ faces light up with joy during the event,” shared Ms. Choo Shiu Ling, CEO of Assisi Hospice.

Ms. Juliet Ng, Head, Communications & Community Engagement of Assisi Hospice, went on to add that if anyone needs palliative care, Assisi Hospice is the place to go. Additionally, as a charitable organization, Assisi Hospice is open to everyone. Therefore, the service is affordable and the in-home care is free. Furthermore, it is open to both Singaporeans and foreigners in Singapore.

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