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A Mother’s Love Is The Greatest

Mdm Sng never had it easy. After her children grew up and left the family home, she moved into a one-room rental flat in Ang Mo Kio with her husband and intellectually-disabled son. To support the family, Mdm Sng’s husband had to take on various jobs such as a kitchen assistant or a store man. When he passed away in 2000, she had to turn to financial aid as her other children did not have the means to support them. Over the years, her thriftiness was the only reason mother and son could survive.

In January 2015, things took another turn when Mdm Sng was diagnosed with ovary cancer, at the age of 83 years old. As her health deteriorated, she struggled with abdominal pain and breathlessness and could no longer do even the simplest household chores. A subsequent bed bug infestation led to bites, scratch marks and sleepless nights for Mdm Sng. But her heaviest burden was an emotional one – Mdm Sng was worriedabout her son. Who would take care of him, should anything happen to her now?

When Mdm Sng was referred to Assisi Hospice in February 2015, the Home Care team immediately went about setting things right for mother and son. They worked with HDB to bring in a pest control company and even took it on themselves to pack and prepare Mdm Sng’s flat for the fumigation.

Today, Mdm Sng’s symptoms are better managed by the Home Care team. With medication, her discomfort is minimised and she can continue her daily routine at home. More importantly, with assurance from the Assisi team, she knows there is a community safety net and her son will be taken care of in time to come. That, to a mother, is the biggest load off her mind.

In Mdm Sng’s own words, she has finally found peace and relief and is ready when it is time to let go.

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