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Help Our Dishwasher Uncle Lim

After toiling for a large part of our lives, most people hope to enjoy their old age. However, 80-year-old Mr Lim Boon Seng was burdened with illnesses and financial worries.

Mr Lim used to be a dishwasher in a restaurant at Simei, bending over bowls and plates in soapy water. When he was in his early 70s, he continued working despite being slightly breathless due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When he was 78 years old, he was further diagnosed with lung cancer. Suffering from leg and ankle pain and breathlessness, he finally had to stop work. He relied on his savings for his simple daily needs. After his savings depleted, he received financial aid for a few months. However, the financial aid lapsed, leaving him lost and fretting over rent for his rental flat.

Assisi Home Care team started caring for Mr Lim in October 2019. When we found out about his financial situation, our medical social worker quickly provided interim financial assistance to tide him over the crisis. We also facilitated his application for long term financial assistance from the Social Service Office. Now, he is thankful that he can afford his daily routine of cooking a simple meal of steamed pork and rice with his old faithful rice-cooker. Our nurses and doctors also visit him regularly, helping to manage his symptoms of breathlessness and pain. He enjoys moving around independently on an old bicycle from his friend, to meet up and chat with friends.

Our Home Care team helps patients like Mr Lim regain their ability to afford simple comforts and maintain physical mobility and independence for as long as possible, to connect with the community. Support our work to bring warmth and hope to patients like Mr Lim in the winter of their lives.

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