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  • Volunteering


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  • Inpatient Services

    Inpatient Services

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  • Day Care Services

    Day Care Services

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  • Home Care Services

    Home Care Services

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  • Alan is not waiting for days to end

    Alan is not waiting for days to end

    Alan, our patient did more to add life to days.
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  • Mr Ng's Concert

    Mr Ng's Concert

    Our patient Mr Ng shared his music with other patients
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  • We are Opened!

    We are Opened!

    Official Opening of Assisi Hospice Dec 2017
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  • Transparency & Governance Awards

    Transparency & Governance Awards

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  • Joy of Giving

    Joy of Giving

    A perfect gift for your best friend's birthday or for your anniversary. Share the gift of love.
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  • For Patients

    The Assisi Hospice is there for anyone faced with a life-limiting illness, regardless of age, race, religion & financial status.

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  • For Volunteers

    We recognise the valuable role our volunteers play. Your service is a labour of love that goes a long way to support the mission of the hospice to provide care to patients and their families.

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  • For Donors

    As a charity, we depend heavily on public donations to meet our operating expenses. The generous support of our donors and sponsors means all patients can receive the care they need, regardless of their financial position.

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Our mega blockbuster event is back! This annual fun-filled day is not something to be missed, given its scale of 150 stalls offering games, activities and glorious food. Be entertained by the extensive line-up of performances

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Never too late

To love is to cherish. To cherish is to love.

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Always Yours

ā€œCan you help me with this idea of a scrapbook?ā€ Mr Yee Swee Fan asked of the social workers. The social workers agreed and went about helping him make the scrapbook.

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