Referral & Admission

Admission to Assisi Hospice is by doctor referral. The patient’s doctor will need to complete a referral form and provide the necessary medical report to us.

Upon receipt, our staff assess patient’s suitability for palliative care and will contact the referring hospital/doctor on admission arrangements e.g. bed availability and if patient is fit for transfer.

The ambulance transfer will be arranged by the referring hospital and cost will be borne by patient’s family. A family member will need to accompany the patient during the transfer and facilitate his or her admission registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the visiting hours?
    Visitors are welcome to spend time with their loved ones who are admitted to Assisi Hospice. While there is no restriction on visiting hours, we do remind visitors that patients need ample rest time as well. A family member may also choose to stay overnight with the patient should he/she chooses to.
  2. How much will it cost?
    Our Home Care service offered free to all patients, regardless of location in Singapore. Our Day Care fee is a nominal $10 per day and it covers 2-way transport, meals, doctor consultation, physiotherapy and all therapeutic and recreational activities such as outings. Upon admission to our Inpatient Care, our medical social workers will conduct a Means Test and assist them in applying for government subsidies.
  3. Can I use Medisave to pay?
    Patients may use their Medisave to pay for day care service or inpatient stay (up to $200 per day for Inpatient). The Medisave funds can be from the patient’s account or that of their spouse, children, parents or grandparents. The Medisave account holder has to bring his/her NRIC and sign the necessary forms to authorise the use of his/her Medisave funds.
  4. What is Means Testing?
    Means Testing is a confidential income assessment, required by the Ministry of Health to determine a patient’s financial situation and subsidy given.