Assisi Hospice

Heart of Assisi Jan 2022

Caring for 18-year-old Karthik

At Assisi Hospice, we provide specialised inpatient paediatric palliative care services for children and young adults with life-threatening illnesses who need ongoing medical and nursing care throughout their journey. While all parents look forward to seeing their children grow taller and stronger, parents who have children suffering from chronic conditions

Assisi Dinner 2021 – Five for Greater Good

Amidst evolving dine-in restrictions due to Covid-19 measures, we are thankful to have held our Assisi Dinner in a new format – an intimate affair of tables of 5 in restaurants across the island from August to December last year.  More than 150 guests came together on separate occasions for

Bereavement Care Programme – Reaching out to those in grief

Mdm Tan (name has been changed) was devastated when her husband, a patient of Assisi Hospice, passed on. Suffering from depression and being traumatised with dealing with her parents’ deaths previously, she struggled to accept her husband’s death. Our counsellor from the Bereavement Care Team provided monthly face-to-face counselling support,

Giant rabbits in Assisi Courtyard bring Mid-Autumn cheer

During Mid-Autumn Festival in September last year, 20 giant rabbits hopped into our Courtyard to bring cheer to our patients, caregivers and staff. They lit up and transformed into colourful rabbits in the evening, adding an element of delight and surprise. A big thank you to City Developments Limited for

Christmas Light-Up

Our patients, caregivers and friends from Sembcorp Industries ushered in the Christmas season together here in Assisi on 3 Dec 2021! They enjoyed a joyous Christmas medley by Marcus Lee and Qiao Han from Tin Box Group, accompanied by Eugene Seow on the cajon, and were serenaded by the Senior

Patients’ creations in Courtyard

Our Day Care patients were proud to see that their art creations had become part of the landscape of Assisi Courtyard!

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