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Heart of Assisi Jul 2022

Meet our Home Care Team

In 2021, we served over 60% of our patients through our Home Care service, providing a critical option for patients who prefer to and can be cared for at home. Our team of doctors, nurses and social workers make home visits to care for patients and support families by helping

Bringing Care to Twice-Disabled Uncle Choy

73 year-old Mr Choy Yau Seng was a patient under our NODA programme, where volunteers befriend patients with limited or no family support and accompany them until the very end of their lives. Disabled at birth, Uncle Choy was born with a deformed left hand and was unable to grasp

Bereavement Care Programme – Reaching out to those in grief

Bereavement care is part of the continuum of palliative care for patients and their families and is as important as the care before death occurs. While bereaved persons are mostly able to cope with their bereavement within their own support network, there is a population of bereaved persons who will

Dog Therapy and Group Therapy Sessions are back

Our favourite therapy dogs reported back to work this Chinese New Year on 3 February, after a 2-year hiatus due to Covid-19 measures! As of 31 May, our 5 volunteer therapy dogs have brought joy to patients and caregivers through 222 interactions. When dog therapy first resumed in February, ou

Volunteer hairdresser gives comfort to patients

To many of our patients, a haircut is precious as it not only contributes to a neat appearance, but gives them much comfort as well. For bed-bound patients who are unable to sit upright in a chair for a haircut, many caregivers often find it challenging to cut their loved

Time of Reconnection – Volunteer Appreciation Night and NODA Tea Session

Our volunteers were excited to gather physically again for the “#AlmostBackToNormal Party – Volunteer Appreciation Night” held on 10 June. This was the first physical volunteer appreciation night since 2019. Over 50 volunteers and staff from our clinical team had an enjoyable evening reconnecting over a BBQ dinner, music and

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