Assisi Hospice

A night at the 'Shanghai cabaret'

published by The Straits Times on August 19, 2017

Ms Ng Guan Tian, 54, a cancer patient, posing for a 1950s Cabaret Shanghai photo while assistant physiotherapist Frany Basa, 43, soaks in the atmosphere at a Shanghai Night-themed evening at Assisi Hospice. The daycare centre was yesterday taken back to an era that many of its patients grew up in or are familiar with. The fun night for patients included pre-event mocktails, casino games at an “old school” gambling den, tikam board games, a getai performance and picture-taking at a photo booth. Staff played the roles of waiters, waitresses, croupiers and night club bouncers. It was the first time staff of Assisi Hospice and Mount Alvernia Hospital have come together to do something special for the patients.

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