Assisi Hospice

Boosting palliative care efforts with added home support, community help

published by Channel News Asia on December 30, 2022

Extract from article:

Similarly, Assisi Hospice’s patient load has grown four-fold over the past seven years. The organisation said it is targeting 15 per cent annual growth across inpatient, home care and day care services to meet the demand.

On top of palliative care, the hospice is also adding social and leisure activities such as art workshops and leather crafting to engage its patients.

“They would have in their lives had many different types of interests and areas of expertise that they may have,” said Ms Choo Shiu Ling, chief executive officer of Assisi Hospice.

“All we’re doing is to really understand what is of value to them, and what they are interested in. And from there, we create more new activities which meet their psychotherapeutic needs.”

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