Assisi Hospice

A Home Care Patient’s Journey

Mr Temian Bin Sakiran, aged 71 years, had been living with rheumatic heart disease since he was 12 years old when a bout of rheumatic fever hit him. He has been on long term medication throughout his adult life, got married and raised three children on a low income as a Barber with Sri Nada at Parkway Parade until he retired in 2015 after which his second daughter Ms Tiyah assume his HDB loan payments and became the main breadwinner of the family. In June 2017, when medication could no longer work for him, Mr Temian quietly refused further procedures. He asked to be discharged to spend his remaining days at home to avoid further hospital charges which would be strenuous on his daughter.

When Mr Temian was referred to Homecare Nurse Joseph Tan, he was told that Mr Temian had only two days to live. Settling him down at home was an important priority.

Frequency of Homecare visits is always based on needs and Joseph and our doctor checked Mr Temian daily to provide extensive symptom management. When Mr Temian outlived his two-day prognosis, Ms Tiyah, who is a flight attendant, struggled with the dilemma- to continue working or stay by her father’s side. In the end, financial needs made her choose the former. To help Ms Tiyah during her two-week home absence because of work, Joseph visited him more often to check on him, ensuring that his family could cope with caring for Mr Temian. With increasing symptom management demands, the hospice supported with free medications as the family could not afford them. Mr Temian lived for more than a month and his family became familiar with his care needs but his symptoms increased. To honor his wish of passing away at home, Joseph and Mr Temian’s family kept him comfortable at home. He passed away on 22 July 2017.

Assisi Hospice’s homecare visits is free so that needy patients like Mr Temian are not denied medical help because of their financial circumstances. About 50 percent of our patients come from the poorest of poor families in Singapore. It is only possible with donations from our donors, from whom we need to raise fund to make homecare services free, that patients like Mr Tamian can live with dignity and comfortably in their remaining days.

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