Assisi Hospice

Patient Stories

Bring Cheer to the Sick and Lonely 73-year-old Mdm Leong Foong Meng was the eldest of three children, and her mother brought her to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur when she was 10 years old to seek shelter from domestic issues.
From Being Homeless to Finding Friends and Support Mr Matlisah Bin Chela is 74 years old and had been a wanderer without a fixed roof over his head for most of his life.
Help Our Dishwasher Uncle Lim After toiling for a large part of our lives, most people hope to enjoy their old age. However, 80-year-old Mr Lim Boon Seng was burdened with illnesses and financial worries.
He was not a doctor. He was a gangster. “You must study hard and become a doctor or a lawyer”. Mr Goh Siew Chuan, 66 years old, remembered vividly what his mother asked of him. She was not educated but was kind, gentle and had hope for the best for her only child. However, that was not the path he chose.
Bring Festive Cheer to the Needy Born as the youngest of five children, 78 year-old Mr Ng Thian Seng dropped out after primary one as he could not catch up with the pace of learning in school. His father passed on in the same year, leaving his mother to raise five children single-handedly.
Support underprivileged families in times of distress The Thia family live in a 3-bedroom HDB flat in Bukit Purmei. The sole breadwinner, Mr Thia Tong Huat, worked as a factory machine operator and provided for his wife, son and daughter.
Honour a Courageous Mother This Mother’s Day Raising five young children is no easy feat for any family. It was especially challenging for Assisi Hospice’s patient, 72-year-old Mdm Lee Yok Sim, who was a single mother.
Helping Him Maintain His Independence and Mobility People staying in Jurong area may be familiar with 67-year-old Mr Kwan Fook Chuen, who used to travel there on his motorised scooter to sell tissue paper.
A Love Story of 72 Years They have been married for 72 years. She has dementia and forgets many things, but she remembers him and the Hainanese chicken rice he makes.
Persevering Through Challenges When he was a teenager, Vevendra s/o Roy Kader enjoyed his extra-curricular activities in school very much. He was in the National Cadet Corps and the experience spurred him to want to become a naval officer. However, barely after his O-levels, he was diagnosed with rectal cancer.
Care Like Family Kevin Farrelly and his wife Flora have been happily married for over 40 years. The couple met in 1977 while working in the then Westmore Land Hotel in London. The British national and chef became attracted to the smile and caring nature of the Italian lady who was a secretary to the manager, and would often look out for her coming to the kitchen for lunch.